St. Moriz

st. moriz

St.Moriz is No.1 in sales in the UK and millions of people trust its products worldwide because of their quality, reliability and low prices can satisfy even the most demanding consumers. St.Moriz has received many awards from the experts and it is no coincidence.

St.Moriz: or lovers of St.Moriz: Preparation-Tan-Maintenance is the secret of a perfect endless  tan and St.Moriz team has created a wonderful collection of scrubs, tanning and maintenance products to help you achieve the perfect result. If you want a healthy radiant glow or a glamorous chic look for a romantic evening or a significant event or a deep tan that everyone will be wondering where you went on vacation, we have it all.

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St.Moriz Advanced Pro 5 in 1 Tanning Mousse
St.Moriz Professional Fast Tanning Foam
St.Moriz Advanced Pro Velvet Finish Gel
St.Moriz Professional Tanning Mist